Myanmar Coup Tracker

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Myanmar Coup Tracker is a website dedicated to mapping key events following the military coup staged by Tatmadaw, Myanmar's military, which occurred on 1 February 2021, in an attempt to grab power from the civilian government.

For the sake of clarity, we also include a few entries before 1 February 2021 and the results of the 2020 general elections, which were used by the Tatmadaw as a justification for the coup. However, the election results and the complaints about irregularities are not necessarily in a causal relationship with the coup. There are more explanations and speculations about the erosion behind the coup, and it is not the aim of this initiative to uncover it.

The Myanmar Coup Tracker is an open-access, crowd-sourced tool for anyone working on Myanmar, whether it is in research, advocacy, or policy. It is a long-term initiative and the entries are updated every week, focusing on internal politics (POL), economic issues (ECN), the CDM movement (CDM), international responses (INT), occurrence of violence (VIO), and freedom of expression/media (EXM).

If you have any comments, suggestions, or events to add to the Tracker, please reach out to our colleague Dr. Kristína Kironská (Head of Project), or use the form below.


AA | Arakan Army = an armed group in Rakhine State, not an NCA signatory

AAPP | Assistance Association for Political Prisoners = the main source for the number of people killed in the violence

ANC | The Arakan National Council = one of three Rakhine nationalist groups operating armies in the country

ASSK | Aung San Suu Kyi = ousted Myanmar leader

CDM | Civil Disobedience Movement = part of the anti-coup movement

CRPH | Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw = shadow parliament, part of the anti-coup movement

CSO | civil society organization

EAO | ethnic armed organization = there are 18 active non-state actors in Myanmar, ten signed the NCA

ICC | International Criminal Court = international tribunal in The Hague with jurisdiction to prosecute individuals

ICJ | International Court of Justice = UN organ, international court that adjudicates general disputes between countries

IDPs | internally displaced people

KIA | Kachin Independence Army = based in Kachin State, not an NCA signatory

KNLA | Karen National Liberation Army = KNU's armed wing, campaigns for the self-determination of the Karen people

KNU | Karen National Union = a political organization based on the Thai-Myanmar border

MAH | Min Aung Hlaing = Commander-in-Chief since 2011, February 1st coup-maker

MEC | Myanmar Economic Corporation = one of the two largest military holding companies in Myanmar

MEHL | Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited = one of the two largest military holding companies in Myanmar

MNDAA | The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army = based in Kokang Region, not an NCA signatory

MOGE | Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise = Myanmar's state-owned oil and gas enterprise

NCA | National Ceasefire Agreement = started under the military-backed Thein Sein government, it has ten signatories

NLD | National League for Democracy = Myanmar's ruling party after the elections in 2015, overthrown in the coup

NUG | National Unity Government = interim government, part of the anti-coup movement

PDF | People’s Defense Force = armed wing of the NUG government, precursor of a federal army

SAC | State Administration Council = the official name of the military junta headed by Min Aung Hlaing

SNLD | Shan Nationalities League for Democracy = a political party that campaigns for the interests of the Shan people

TNLA | Ta'ang National Liberation Army = armed wing of the Palaung State Liberation Front in Shan, not an NCA signatory

UEC | Union Election Commission = electoral commission responsible for organizing and overseeing elections

UNGA | United National General Assembly = UN organ

UNHCR | The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees = a UN agency mandated to aid and protect refugees

UNSC | United Nations Security Council = UN organ

USDP | Union Solidarity and Development Party = a political party linked to the military

Coup Tracker

January 2021

26 January

  • POL The spokesman for the Armed Forces Zaw Min Tun said the military would “take action” and use all available options including the Supreme Court. When asked if he could rule out a coup, he said “cannot say so”.

28 January

29 January

February 2021

1 February

2 February

3 February

4 February

5 February

6 February

7 February

8 February

9 February

10 February

11 February

12 February

13 February

  • POL SAC made changes to privacy laws which now allow authorities to enter private residences without warrants and detain people without permission from a court.

  • VIO The military threatened civil servants who refused to return to work.

  • VIO The junta issued arrest warrants for 7 people, including a singer, writer, think tank director, social media influencers, and former 88 generation student leaders Min Ko Naing and Jimmy, charging them under the Penal Code for “using their popularity to destabilize the country”.

14 February

15 February

16 February

17 February

18 February

19 February

20 February

  • POL NCA signatories announced that they will no longer negotiate with the junta.

  • INT Norway froze state-to-state knowledge development programs in Myanmar.

  • INT Singapore said the use of lethal force against unarmed protesters is inexcusable.

  • INT The UK said it will consider further action against those involved in violence.

  • INT The EU's Foreign Policy Chief condemned the deadly violence.

  • INT US State Department spokesperson said the US is “deeply concerned”.

21 February

22 February

23 February

24 February

25 February

26 February

27 February

28 February

March 2021

1 March

2 March

3 March

4 March

5 March

6 March

7 March

8 March

9 March

10 March

11 March

12 March

14 March

15 March

16 March

17 March

18 March

19 March

20 March

22 March

23 March

24 March

25 March

26 March

27 March

28 March

29 March

30 March

31 March

April 2021

1 April

2 April

  • INT Australian government stepped up calls on the junta to release Sean Turnell.

3 April

4 April

5 April

6 April

7 April

8 April

9 April

10 April

11 April

  • CDM “Flash Strike”, aiming flashlights into the night sky to signal rejection of the coup.

12 April

13 April

14 April

15 April

16 April

17 April

18 April

19 April

20 April

21 April

22 April

23 April

24 April

25 April

26 April

27 April

28 April

29 April

30 April

May 2021

1 May

2 May

  • VIO Several bomb blasts in Kyauk Myaung, Tharkayta, Thingangyun, South Okkalapa, South Dagon, and North Dagon.

3 May

4 May

5 May

6 May

7 May

  • VIO 16 military troops killed and several wounded during shootouts with civilian resistance forces in Sagaing Region. Protesters are using more sophisticated weapons against the military than in the beginning.

8 May

9 May

10 May

11 May

12 May

13 May

14 May

15 May

17 May

18 May

19 May

20 May

21 May

22 May

23 May

24 May

25 May

26 May

27 May

28 May

30 May

31 May

June 2021

1 June

  • VIO The military bombed villages in Katha, Sagaing Region, a day after the Katha PDF ambushed a convoy of junta soldiers.

  • VIO The military shot at Buddhist monks from Ma Soe Yein Monastery who recited religious verses in protest against the military.

  • VIO The military invaded a refugee camp in Putao and threatened unarmed refugees with the suspicion that KIA intelligence stationed at the camp.

  • EXM DVB and Mizzima reporters sentenced to 2 years in prison.

  • INT A Thai court sentenced 3 Myanmar journalists from DVB and their 2 associates to 7 months imprisonment for entering Thailand illegally.

  • INT 40 French MPs urged the country’s administration to declare support for the NUG and to increase pressure on Total.

  • POL/VIO 5 civilians accused of being military informants from two villages in Gangaw, Magway region found dead.

3 June

4 June

5 June

6 June

  • VIO Fierce fighting between the military and the Chinland's Defense Force of Mindat with 50 military troops and 3 civilian fighters killed.

  • POL/VIO 222 heads of middle and private schools from Magway removed from duties.

  • INT From 6 to 8 June, a special China-ASEAN summit was held in Chongqing on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of relations between Beijing and the regional bloc. Myanmar co-chaired these meetings with China and was attended by Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin, appointed by the military junta.

7 June

8 June

  • EXM/CDM 5 people arrested, including a prominent political activist, a well-renowned poet, and former NLD-appointed Chief Minister of Magway Region.

  • POL/VIO In Sagaing Region, 555 education civil servants removed from their duties.

9 June

11 June

  • VIO The military destroyed supplies of rice and medicine intended for over 3 000 IDPs in Pekon, Shan State, who were forced to flee their homes after intense fighting.

  • VIO/EXM Pro-junta Pyu Saw Htee groups formed across Myanmar (with support from the military) to wage a campaign of violence and disinformation.

  • VIO A bomb exploded at a Chinese-backed clothing factory in Ayeyarwady Region.

12 June

  • INT Worldwide solidarity events in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Japan, etc.

  • CDM Striking military officers urged the public to welcome and protect military personnel who join the CDM.

  • POL/VIO Myanmar junta accuses ethnic armies of bombings and of killing 25 workers.

  • INT MAH and his Foreign Minister Wunna Maung Lwin met Chinese ambassador Chen Hai, sparking controversy when the Chinese embassy's FB statement identified MAH as the "Leader of Myanmar".

13 June

14 June

15 June

16 June

17 June

18 June

  • INT The UNGA adopted a (non-binding) resolution by a vote of 119 countries denouncing the Myanmar military. 36 countries abstained (Thailand, China, Russia) and 1 voted against (Belarus). It was only the 4th time since the end of the Cold War that the UNGA had passed a resolution condemning a military coup, and was a rare occasion in which the body also called for an arms embargo.

  • VIO The military trying to force striking school staff in Tanintharyi Region to return to work, after the reopening of public schools on 1 June flopped due to a lack of teachers.

  • VIO A military truck with soldiers blown up in Yangon.

  • POL AA released another 6 military personnel it captured in clashes with the military (signaling closer ties between the ethnic armed group and the military).

  • POL The military formed a new Ministry of Cooperatives and Development of Rural Areas, it also reformed the ministry of education and established a new ministry for science and technology.

19 June

20 June

21 June

22 June